Degree Spotlight: New Programs Prepare Students for Local Workforce

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To better meet the needs of the local workforce, Atlantic Cape Community College added four new degree programs this year, broadening career options for its students.

New degrees include:

Baking & Pastry (converted from an option to a full degree program)

The degree focuses on providing students with a complete program emphasizing the importance of mastering basic skills that lead to the ability to produce the highest quality baking and pastry products, while preparing students for executive-level positions by teaching and reinforcing management techniques, ordering methods, menu planning and pricing, financial considerations and computer technology.

Computer Applications
(an option under Office Systems Technology)

The Computer Applications degree option serves students seeking jobs that require application software skills but are not interested in transferring to a four-year college. The program emphasizes popular software used in many organizations such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations. The option prepares students to use information technology for problem solving, information retrieval and other business functions.

Elementary/Middle School Education Option
(Liberal Arts)

This option is designed as a transfer program for students interested in Elementary
(K-5) and Middle School (6-8) Certification with Specialization.

Secondary Education Option (Liberal Arts)

This option is designed as a transfer program for students interested in Secondary Education Certification (Grades 9-12).

Both education options maximize transfer of credits and academic status to a professional teacher education program. However, the transfer requirements of the four-year college must be satisfied for admittance into that college and its teacher certification program.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a nationwide 15-16 percent increase in elementary/middle school teaching jobs and a 9 percent increase in secondary teaching jobs by 2018.

With increasing demand for the Baking & Pastry program, the new Associate in Applied Science degree will allow students to take more courses specific to their field of study and learn skills needed in their intended field, Academy of Culinary Arts Dean Kelly McClay said.

The four new degree programs will be available in fall 2013.

Stacey Clapp

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