Player Has Passion for Hoops

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Kerry Player is a star volleyball and basketball player at Atlantic Cape. The 20-year-old stand-out athlete was recruited while a senior at Cape May Technical High School, where she scored 1,000 points in her high school basketball career.

Although she had plans to attend a four-year school, she is one of seven children, so Atlantic Cape’s proximity and affordability made it an attractive option.

The 6-foot-tall athlete was named to All-Region 19 last year. “She is one of the best women basketball players in Atlantic Cape’s history,” said Mike Rennick, Assistant Director of Athletics. “She was named to the All Region First Team, a first for Atlantic Cape, and led the nation in blocked shots last year in Division III.

Basketball has taught me time management. You have to be organized to be able to do it all with a full course load.

“Player doesn’t want to stand out on the court, so she’ll score four times in a row, then hold back. She doesn’t want to hog the ball and is very humble,” Rennick said.

Player, of Woodbine, has a full load, taking 17 credits this semester alone and is on track to graduate with a degree in General Studies with honors later this year.

The well-rounded student finds time to volunteer, teaching Sunday school for her church, Abundant Life in Seaville, and summer Bible school.

“I’m athletic and have played other sports, but I LOVE playing basketball,” Player explained.  “It’s such a stress reliever. I enjoy the exercise and being part of a team. I am very family oriented, and my teammates are my second family. It’s great to work with family doing something that I love,” she said.

“Basketball has taught me time management, something that was tough for me to learn. You have to be organized to be able to do it all with a full course load. I take advantage of small blocks of time to study or do homework on the way to games,” Player said.

Player is being recruited by several four-year colleges. She hasn’t decided where she’s transferring yet. “I’d like to go somewhere close, so my family can attend some of my games,” she said.

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