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It’s a Jungle Out There. Are You Ready?

Learning to collaborate with others and connect through technology are essential workplace skills in the knowledge-based economy we live in. Atlantic Cape provides practical skills, technical skills and critical wraparound skills such as communication, leadership and teambuilding,

Four-Year Degree at a Bargain Price

You can save thousands of dollars in tuition, fees and other college-related costs by earning your associate degree at Atlantic Cape, then transferring to a four-year school for your bachelor’s degree. Through several agreements Atlantic Cape has

8 Tips to Succeed in College

Atlantic Cape’s Counseling and Support Services department is dedicated to helping students develop a “Yes, I can!” attitude as they work toward a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Counseling and Support Services focuses on

Earn Your Degree Online

Think you don’t have time to earn your degree? Think again! Family and job responsibilities don’t have to be an obstacle to earning your college degree. Atlantic Cape Community College offers 13 associate degree programs entirely online,

Academy of Culinary Arts Offers a Sweet Degree Program

The Academy of Culinary Arts is helping students whip up some sweet career options − literally − with the growing Baking & Pastry degree program. The ACA introduced this as a standalone degree in 2006, and the

Atlantic Cape Graduates Find Career Success

Atlantic Cape has launched thousands of graduates into careers or transfer programs at four-year institutions. Read what three recent graduates have to say about how Atlantic Cape created opportunity in their lives. Madison Russ, 24 Ocean City,

Degree Spotlight Become an Educator and Lead the Future

If you are looking to earn a teaching degree, you can now complete the first two years of your Education degree at Atlantic Cape and transfer to a four-year school to complete your education, saving time and

Yes, You Can Afford College

Money should not stand in the way of getting a college education. Financial aid is available from federal, state and institutional sources to help students meet college expenses, including tuition, fees, books, supplies and transportation. You must

Construction Projects Build New Career Pathways for Atlantic Cape Students

The exciting new construction projects taking place at all three Atlantic Cape campuses will do more than just transform the institution into another collective pretty face. This beauty will also have brains, as the multi-faceted facelift −

High School Student Discovers the Advantages of Atlantic Cape

For Hammonton High School student Charmaine Chew, taking summer classes at Atlantic Cape Community College began as a way to place out of introductory courses when she attends a future four-year university, but she discovered many more

Atlantic Cape Offers Opportunities for Young Learners

High school juniors and seniors can get a jump start on their college education by taking advantage of a partnership between their high school and Atlantic Cape. High school students who earn college credits are more likely