High School Student Discovers the Advantages of Atlantic Cape

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For Hammonton High School student Charmaine Chew, taking summer classes at Atlantic Cape Community College began as a way to place out of introductory courses when she attends a future four-year university, but she discovered many more benefits she hadn’t taken into consideration.

“Last summer I took an algebra class at Atlantic Cape,” said Charmaine, now a junior. “When I went back to high school in the fall I had an easier time of it. The teaching technique at Atlantic Cape is more in-depth. I also took my first online class at Atlantic Cape for the experience.

“Taking summer classes not only makes me more competitive and marketable, it will ease the transition from high school to college,” Charmaine, 17, added.

Susan Chew, Charmaine’s mother, has advice for parents considering this option for their children. “You are preparing your kids for a bigger challenge,” she said. “It’s very doable. And, they will learn to juggle their activities now instead of waiting for when they are in a four-year school.”

Charmaine recommends her fellow students follow in her footsteps. “I am taking Advanced Placement credits and getting classes out of the way by taking them at Atlantic Cape now so I can place out of introductory courses at a four-year school. And, I won’t get the personalized attention that I get at Atlantic Cape in a four-year school.”

Susan agreed, adding, “Charmaine didn’t want to be just a number out of 350 students in a lecture hall. She wanted to go to a place like Atlantic Cape where the professor knows your name and you’re comfortable enough to speak to a guidance counselor or professor on your own.”

Susan Chew now has fellow Hammonton High School parents asking her for advice about sending their own children to Atlantic Cape. “I think every parent should invest in their child’s education,” Susan said. “If high school classes aren’t in-depth enough for your child, then understand that taking classes at Atlantic Cape will help them prepare for college-level work. Your child will grasp the concept of the subject matter a lot faster. In six to eight weeks he or she will learn more than they would in 180 days in high school.”

Susan continued, “When a college looks at your application it will show that you’ve challenged yourself on your own time. It’s definitely a plus.”

Charmaine agrees. “I think taking summer classes at Atlantic Cape will help me get into some of the schools I am looking to get into because those colleges are being very selective. I’m planning on taking economics and statistics next summer.”

Susan said her younger daughter, Lauren, is also looking forward to taking classes at Atlantic Cape soon.


Michael Bruckler

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