Community College: Myth vs. Fact

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ACCC_CC_myth_vs_factAre negative stereotypes keeping you from enrolling in community college? Let’s debunk four popular myths about attending community college and get you on the path to earning an associate degree:

Myth: Community college credits do not transfer to other schools.

Fact: Atlantic Cape Community College has transfer agreements with nearly 40 colleges and universities nationwide, including Rutgers, Fairleigh Dickinson, Stockton and Rowan, allowing you to transfer your credits. The statewide NJ TRANSFER program ( allows you to transfer your Associate in Arts or Associate in Science to any in-state four-year college or university. If accepted, you could start as a junior.

Myth: No one successful goes to community college.

Fact: Many well-known figures started their journey through higher education at a community college. Some examples include Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks, author Rita Mae Brown, CEO of Costco James Sinegal, and Walt Disney. Atlantic Cape Assistant Professor of Communication and former Mrs. New Jersey, Dr. Joy Jones-Carmack, also attended community college.

Myth: Most students who attend community college are older.

Fact: Community colleges serve students of all ages. The average age of an Atlantic Cape students is 25.

Myth: If community college costs less, the quality of education must be lower.

Fact: Many classes taught at community colleges are taught at four-year colleges and universities, as well. The class is the same—the difference is only the cost, not the quality. In fact, with an average class size of 23 students, an Atlantic Cape student’s experience is more personalized than students in introductory classes at most four-year schools. Students who attend community college get more bang for their educational buck.

- Amanda McCullough

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