Life Experience Equates to College Credit

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Wouldn’t it make sense to count life and professional experiences toward college credit? You probably answered yes. So did we.

Atlantic Cape Community College does just that by offering students the opportunity to apply for prior learning assessments.

Students who can demonstrate college-level knowledge and competencies from experiences outside a traditional post-secondary education may be awarded up to 25 college credits toward an Associate in Applied Science Technical Studies degree.

Such experience can include military training, employer training programs, apprenticeships, certifications and licenses, independent study or community service.

This evaluation can be accomplished in different ways, so it is important you decide which process is best-suited for your experience.

Nontraditional transcript evaluation: Students submit official transcripts to our transcript evaluator; credit amount awarded to be determined. Ideal for military, ACE, post-secondary trade school, and international education evaluations.

Presentation of certifications, licenses, ratings: Students present valid certificate, license or rating in person to transcript evaluator. Examples: FAA, Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, education, fire, police and trades.

Faculty portfolio evaluation of professional accomplishment: Students present evidence of professional accomplishment and enroll in a continuing education workshop to develop a portfolio. Upon portfolio completion, it is submitted to an advisor for review. Portfolio content can include: letters of recommendation, performance reports, samples of work, writing samples and reflective essays.

For information, contact Barbara Clark at (609) 343-5006 or

PLA for Non-Technical Studies Majors

Students who are not seeking a Technical Studies degree can use the Prior Learning Assessment process to gain credits toward other degree programs by “Credit-by-Examination.”

PLA credits can be applied to many courses at Atlantic Cape including Keyboarding, Word Processing, Document Production, Introduction to Computers, Principles of Marketing, College Algebra, Introduction to Literature and Educational Psychology.

For information on Credit-by-Examination, visit

- Amanda McCullough


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